Episode 12: Criticism, Credibility, and Circles of Jerk.

2010 April 20
by bullybully32

Episode 12: Criticism, Credibility, and Circles of Jerk.

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Explicit content.

Are we allowed to criticize one another publicly as long as we’re constructive? We have all been guarded at one time or another for fear of retaliation or losing social capital even when we are attempting to help someone improve or correct. And what about the opposite condition? Do we need to be supportive when we really don’t know that the product is good? We discuss the groupthink and groupmind that happen in our circles and whether we need to check it, or just be aware that it exists.

Participants: Nina Miller; Tyler Hurst; Bully Bjorn; Jose Gonzalez and Derek Neighbors.

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MADPHX Intro: The Honorable William Binder

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